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"My master's English is not very good. Normally when we encounter technical terms, we mostly communicate using gestures. As time went by, I got to understand what my master was trying to say even if he only uttered one word. I just need to look into his eyes to know my mistake if I do something wrong," said Wen Di."The first factories were built in the 1960s, but still today in people's homes you will find traditional "paioli" (cauldrons) used to make home-made torrone," she said, adding that while torrone recipes in other parts of Italy include sugar and dried fruits, torrone from Tonara is "the only one in the world that is made only with honey".Kadaga said Uganda must prepare its personnel in both government and the private sector to be fluent in the Chinese language.

They are also in charge of transferring ballots to district election boards when the voting is over."The tests were carried out by the judges in different situations and varied circumstances, in the buses and trains. And, eventually we won," said Chiraag.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|Shak'aa and his team still use every component in the historic way of soap production, except for the gasoline that is replaced with diesel due to its scarcity.


These rural districts and villages lack any equipped health centers, which put pregnant women and sick children at high Justice Lee AdoboePerched on reclaimed land near Ela Beach in Port Moresby's central business district, APEC Haus, the Leaders' Conference Center, resembles a lakatoi sail, ready to embark on a journey in the Pacific Ocean. Leaders from the Asia-Pacific economies are gathering in the capital for the APEC Economic Leaders' Week on Nov. 12-18."We call the skate vehicle 'one-legged donkey', which was a particularly popular sport in northeast China in the 1960s and 1970s. We often skated on this ice vehicle when we were young," said Zhang Ling, head of the fans group of this unique winter sport.The widespread herbs shops in Iraq, pushed the health ministry to organize herbal treatment profession by establishing an institute named Herbal Center of Iraq (HCI), which is tasked with teaching and certifying the people who works in this area.

"We noticed that when it comes to food, we have a disadvantage because the Israeli food is very different from what they are used to," Meir-Groman said.Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said the death toll of the earthquake has increased to 131 from 105 as of Tuesday with North Lombok regency recording the highest figure at 78.

From a fan perspective, it might be tragic to witness their club as the current number 3 of German football behind the Bundesliga's leading teams such as Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig only in front of the TV."We wrote 'Chinese Street Food' to celebrate a culinary culture that is quickly changing yet deeply rooted in tradition," Southworth said.

Scars of war were not only borne in the collapsed buildings and mosques, but also in people's mind.PANAMA CITY, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- With China's help, Panama is poised to grab a larger share of the world's growing cruise tourism segment with a brand new cruise port.


"The Taste of China," organized by the Los Angeles office of China National Tourist Administration, was a delicious buffet featuring many of China's favorite gourmet dishes, including Peking Duck, Meizhou Pork Buns, Spicy Chicken, Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Dongpo Fried Noodles and Fried Rice, Pot Stickers, Egg Rolls, and Sesame Rolls.In the last six years, he has seen more and more young people returning to the countryside to take on farming. In 2017 Ma set up a network for these new farmers to communicate, exchange experience and help each other. "So we could avoid longer detours and mistakes previously made by others," he said.For heavy trucks, however, it can take up to two or three times as long to get to, compared to Tatopani.

Curator Bloom told Xinhua, "Calligraphy is a kind of living history - the discursive heart of the Chinese people. It's remarkable that something 2000 years old still resonates with people today."It was Erdogan, then Prime minister, who inaugurated in 2013 a modern archery range in Okmeydani, aiming to revive the old spirit of this neglected Istanbul neighborhood.Producer Bruce spoke enthusiastically of the positive impact of Chinese investment in their film.

The current trend of online shopping has started as a necessity to stem the spread of the disease, and it is becoming a new normal for Pakistani public as consumers are now experiencing it for themselves and seeing how easy and effective it is, Muhammad Ammar Hassan, chief marketing officer at Daraz, one of Pakistan's largest online stores, told Zhou Shengping, Shristi Kafle


"We hope in China too!" Burt Ward said.The city is also home to one of the most famous Zongzi brands in China, Wufangzhai.

On the sixth day, the team arrived in one of the most dangerous valleys, where they came across the footprints of wolves and the remains of wild animals.Muhammad Ashraf, another mango farmer whose business has a big push from the improved road infrastructure under CPEC.In a landmark speech at the Peruvian Congress in Lima in 2016, Xi expounded the significance of strengthening China-Latin America cooperation.

A lion is seen at a private zoo in Jaramana, suburb of Damascus, capital of Syria, on Nov. 11, 2019. During the Syrian war and the calamities that have come along, people's dreams seem to have been put on hold. But for Samer al-Homsi, the war was no reason to quit on his dream of developing the best zoo in Syria. (Photo by Ammar Safarjalani/Xinhua)Making a lab simulation of the running of the rover on the moon was one of the big difficulties.

Lam said what the rioters did to Fu last night has trampled all over the bottom line of civilization and even embodied elements of terrorism.At her three-storey home, located just a few kilometers away from the city centre, she was done with her preparations as it was a day before her departure to the foreign land.

"I could practically live inside this library," jokes 35-year old Teresa Badila while sipping a coffee from the vending machine in the library's lobby. "I come here to work on my computer in the reading room, and in the afternoons we often come with the kids to play for a bit and take some new books home. I'm trying to teach them English."The name Phanom Rung, a Khmer word referring to "great mountain," can be found in ancient inscriptions in the temple, which also mentioned names of several kings of the Khmer Empire.Thirty-seven objects from the excavations carried out from 2014 to September 2017 are presented in the exhibition "The Antikythera Shipwreck -- the Adventure Continues."

When recalling the past year, Solaiman Dakdouk, a Syrian refugee who has lived in Greece three decades, admitted it is no easy task to start business for refugees like them."If you go to an urban supermarket in China, the wine section will have five shelves of French wine, five or six for countries from the 'New World'," she said, using a term that refers to most non-European wine regions. "Perhaps there is half a shelf for Italian wines.""I think it's a really great sport, it's something very different so not many people really know about it," Benn said.In order to realize her wish, Sida went to Kunming, the capital of southwestern Yunnan Province, to study in electrical automation major. Through hard work, she was selected to the LCRC's first railway machinery training course. "I may become one of the first female train drivers in Laos," Sida said.Many of these technical terms might seem intimidating to some, especially the elderly. Often they are hesitant to adopt new innovations which seem threatening. They only highlight the gap between them and the younger generation that quickly embraces the fast pace changes of this world.

Known as the "airtime man" among the villagers, Elago forecast to earn an additional income of 1,500 Namibian dollars (129 U.S. dollars) per month.Many local businesses continue working closely with their Chinese partners even at a time when the Trump administration has unilaterally initiated a tariff battle.Four years ago, Bissan became interested in mastering such sport. The young woman managed to gain local and international awards and became a coach for Wushu.

"A few hours after the festival started on Friday, two bomb blasts rocked the country. We were afraid that people may lose interest in going to a crowded place, but to our surprise, the turnout was much more than our expectations," Omar Omari, the organizer, told Xinhua.HONG KONG, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- A group of Hong Kong residents gathered on Thursday morning at a pier of the Victoria Harbor to express their reverence to the Chinese national emblem and flag.Tom Watkins, former president and chief executive officer of Michigan Economic Council who has studied China for more than 30 years, quoted an African proverb -- "When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers."

According to him, apart from treating patients, he also introduces his knowledge of how they can take care of their health and prevent diseases.The plan will also include "the city's historic gardens and other open spaces and infrastructures, in addition to building a memorial and a museum at the mosque site," UNESCO said.

"I don't like politics, but I have to get into politics," Whitt said, adding that Washington's ever-changing positions and frequent threats have made the situation more challenging.With her coordination, two kangaroos were shipped to Beijing Zoo from Australia and soon became the zoo's stars.Heraeus, a global technology company based in Germany, sees sales in China this year increasing instead of dwindling. Ai Zhouping, president of Greater China Regional Headquarters of Heraeus, said holding the event as scheduled has demonstrated the effectiveness of China's measures in curbing the spread of the coronavirus and recovering its economy.

After winning the language contest, Gu Siyuan will be given a four-year scholarship to study at any university of his choice in China.VANCOUVER, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- Lauren Hok straps on a backpack. It is attached to a small robotic head that looks over her right shoulder and two robotic arms, which pass a small ball from one hand to the other, and then to Hok's hands.

"More and more people have been joining, not only Chinese or Asians, but also people from various races and cultural backgrounds," said Sitan Chen, founder and chairman of Tai Chi Qigong Association of America (TCQAA), in an interview with Xinhua, on the sidelines of the 2018 Tai Chi & Health Qigong Festival held in Westbury, New York, in early June.Kanellopoulos has worked as a journalist for 27 years, but when he saw that wages shrank and the profession devalued, he decided to change course and open his own store for the first time in his life.

The event is the first of its kind that combines Chinese poems reciting, traditional Chinese music playing and photos exhibition from China to give New Yorkers a particular opportunity to understand the Chinese culture and China.The stone-built ground floor is comprised of three closed rooms and the portico.And the last part of Tivoli's event was indeed devoted to the skills of the older students, who offered a light dinner with "multicultural" food receipts palatable for both Italian and Chinese customers.It might be a little consolation that the team is on its way to qualify for the Champions League while fans are locked out due to games behind closed doors.


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